Service: Greenville Real Estate Photography allots for up to 2 hours on the property. A typical shoot (depending on services purchased) is approximately 60-90 minutes.

Scheduling: Please use the Contact form, or call/text 864-402-3399. You will receive a response ASAP.

Cancellation: If a rescheduling or cancellation is required for any reason other than inclement weather, you must do so at least 24 hours before the shoot. Cancellations inside of 24 hours may require a $50 fee.

Payments: No upfront payment is required to book a shoot. However, final media will not be delivered without payment at the time of service, or via an online invoice.

Delivery: Under 24-hour turnaround (from end of shoot or payment received, whichever is later), except in unforeseen circumstances.

Guarantee: Greenville Real Estate Photography provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every shoot.

Limited license is granted to the purchaser to use images for marketing purposes for a period of two (2) years from the invoice date. If the home is not sold within that time period, new photos can be acquired, or a new usage agreement can be created using the existing photos.

Images are not transferrable to any third party without express written consent from Greenville Real Estate Photography, which owns all rights to all photos taken, only grants usage rights, and may use all photos on its website to advertise its services, or for any other means, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

While Greenville Real Estate Photography uses certain advanced editing (such as sky replacements/grass greening/virtual twilights/virtual staging), it does not permit extreme ‘Photoshopping’ of photos. This protects both the photographer and the agent legally, as it could result in misrepresentation.

It is the responsibility of the real estate agent/homeowner to ensure each photo is an accurate representation.

On the day of your photo shoot, the entire property (interior and exterior) will be photographed in a way that will appeal to prospective buyers. Please use the following list as a guideline to prevent distraction from your home showing beautifully.

◘◘◘ Bottom Line: The more cleaning, straightening, organizing, and decluttering you do, the better!


◘ Remove all vehicles from driveway.
◘ Do not park in front of house.
◘ Close garage doors.
◘ Move garbage cans out of sight.
◘ Remove hoses, garden tools, clutter.
◘ Pick up pet waste.
◘ Remove toys/bikes/etc from yard/deck/patio.
◘ Mow grass, trim shrubs, rake leaves, pull weeds, remove dead plants.
◘ Sweep driveway/sidewalks/deck/patio.
◘ Skim/vacuum pools/spas.
◘ Straighten outdoor furniture, remove pool toys/cleaning tools.
◘ Schedule repairs before photo shoot.
◘ If you are feeling ambitious, plant fresh flowers in planters/pots.


◘ Replace burned out light bulbs, keep bulbs in a room the same type (LED/incandescent/etc).
◘ Remove excess furnishings and knick-knacks from rooms.
◘ Hide clutter.
◘ Remove throw rugs/runners/etc so floors can be seen.
◘ Wash the windows.
◘ Vacuum/mop floors, wipe dust from surfaces.
◘ Turn off ceiling fans, open blinds/shades/curtains.

◘ Move small appliances/knife blocks/paper towels/kitchen gadgets off counters.
◘ Remove photos/magnets/etc from refrigerator.
◘ Clean appliances (refrigerator/oven/stove top/dishwasher).
◘ Clean sink/counter tops.
◘ Remove dirty dishes/sponges/dish towels/soap/etc.
◘ Move trash bins out of sight.

Clean shower/tub/sinks/toilet/mirrors/etc
◘ Clear counter tops of tooth brushes/hair brushes/toiletries/tissues/etc.
◘ Remove personal care products/bath toys from shower/tub.
◘ Fold towels neatly on towel racks.
◘ Close toilet lid.
◘ Store toilet brush/plunger out of sight.

Living/Family Room
◘ Conceal exposed cables/cords.
◘ Store remote controls out of sight.
◘ Remove personal photos/toys/pet beds/etc from bookshelves/tables/floor.
◘ Remove books/newspapers/magazines.
◘ Clean and dust.
◘ Straighten pillows and throws.

◘ Make beds, straighten bedspread and pillows.
◘ Pick up/put away clothes/shoes/toys.
◘ Remove items from bedside tables (photos/books/magazines/etc).
◘ Remove posters/drawings from walls.

Dining Room
◘ Set table with dinnerware/napkins/centerpiece.

◘◘◘ Remember: Put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers. Ask yourself, “Would my home’s appearance get them completely excited to make an offer?” If you can’t answer ‘YES!’, they probably won’t be excited either. Prepare your home meticulously for photo day – and together, we’ll insure it sells as FAST as possible!